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  • Sales Engineer

    Hefei-High tech Zone

    Sales Engineer

    Hefei-High tech Zone

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the market development, customer maintenance and sales management of the designated area;

    2. Assist the general manager to formulate sales strategy, sales plan and quantify sales target in assigned area;

    3. Responsible for the planning, strategy and steps of product promotion and promotion in designated areas;

    4. Responsible for new market research and development of new market customer resources.


    1. Bachelor degree or above in geophysical exploration or electronics, at least 2 years related sales experience;

    2. Excellent interpersonal skills, good market research, analysis and judgment ability;

    3. Good team cohesion, good at coordination, strong sense of responsibility, strong ability to resist pressure;

    4. If the conditions are excellent, the educational background can be relaxed.


    1. Salary: base salary + performance commission;

    2. Five day working system for enterprises, and five insurances for entry;

    3. Enjoy paid vacation, housing accumulation fund, year-end double pay, year-end bonus, employee physical examination, birthday benefits, employee travel and other corporate benefits.

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